Finest quality 28mm Miniatures

glyset posologie Who are the men behind the curtain?

lotrisone Pigeon Guard Games is the creation of two hobby enthusiasts, Mike and Simon. We have similar interests and both have been making model kits and painting figures for most of our combined lives! We have been friends for several years, after we first became acquainted through a popular wargaming forum. We both have blogs documenting our adventures with miniature men of plastic and metal.

paxlovid prescription kaiser This truly is a golden age for miniature gamers and collectors but there are always those  miniatures that we desperately want but just aren’t available anywhere, so we decided one day, in a moment of wild and crazy abandon that we’d create them ourselves!

paxlovid cost pharmacy We are filling a niche, a void….a need, and you could say, scratching an itch! Using the best sculptors and figure manufacturers in the world, Pigeon Guard aim to bring you the figures you may have only dreamed about….or perhaps just the ones that we only dream about, but hopefully you will find a home for them too. With Simon’s  head for organisation and business experience and Mike’s tech and artistic skills our combined talents compliment each other perfectly. We are only small, and these things do take time, so please be patient as we build, but with your help and support we will be able to grow into something special and unique.

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Starship Vorenus

Old England Grown New