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Painting the Gloriette Part 2

Phase 2 Dry Brushing

Weathering/dry brushing is often a matter of personal taste, there are no wrong or right ways to do this. Many model makers use quite a large number of highlighting layers gradually lightening the base colour, or blending different shades of same colour to reach the desired effect.
We are going to keep it fairly simple for the purposes of this tutorial.

1. Lighten the base coat slightly with a cream or white paintand dry brush over all the grey parts

2. Detail

3. Highlight the centre of the fake pillar and window frames

4. Using an aqua marine or very light blue colour highlight the Blue parts to replicate the originals patina.

5. The original railings have a white mermaid motif in the centre, which is fairly detailed at this scale and difficult to replicate,
However one of getting around this problem is to paint a little white area at the centre of the railing, this is of course optional.

6. Lightening the grey further, you can dry brush another layer paying particular attention to edges and you also attempt to pick out the brick work like we have done here for extra effect.

7. Go over all the remaining grey parts again focusing on edges and front of pillars.

8. Close up

9. Close Up