Finest quality 28mm Miniatures

Painting the Gloriette Part 1

1 Before you paint your model it is advisable to prime or seal the mdf the parts, we have used a little watered down PVA glue, something like a 50/50 mix.
This will stop the mdf soaking up the paint as it is a very porus material.  use only a very thin coat of PVA especially on the detailed etched parts. Once this has dried you can now begin to apply the paint.

Painting the Gloriette

We recommend the use of acylic paint from craft shops to do this.

2. Paint the main wall of the Gloriette is a peach colour, we mixed ours from various colours after studying photos of the original building. You may find that it takes two coats of paint to completely cover the mdf, allow first coat to dry before applying the second.

3. Paint all these parts in darker shade of grey.

4. Paint in the fake pillars and window frames, use water to correct any errors, or go over problems later with the peach paint.

5. Paint all these parts a dark blue. Being careful not to apply paint to thickly to detailed etched areas.