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volunteer The Gloriette is the first release in our Village Building Range.

This highly detailed, laser cut MDF kit comes with the Pond and Fountain which are situated in “The Piazza”.

More of the main “Village” buildings are currently in development and will be available shortly, enabling you to build your very own isolated community!

To accompany the buildings a set of rules is also under way.

Scroll down for photos and construction guides.

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Inst pic 1

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Constructing & Painting the Gloriette

5. Upper Balcony

go to this web-site 5. Upper Balcony

7. The Pond

7. The Pond 

8. Details

8. Frames & Details 

9. Dry fitting

9. Dry fitting 

Painting Part 1

10. Painting Part 1 

Painting Part 2

11. Painting Part 2  

12. Final Assembly

12. Final Assembly 

The Pond Water

13. The Pond Water